Vegan spotted dog(no-bake no fail cake)

Yup that´s the name of this sweet fatty no-fail no-bake cake. This sausage looking sweet used to be on our birthday table in the ´90. So now it has somewhat nostalgic vibe to it. Obviously back then it wasn´t vegan but the ingredients are so simple that you might be able to get all of them from any nearest food store or even from a kiosk. … More Vegan spotted dog(no-bake no fail cake)

Juniper hummus

Hummus with juniper(Juniperus communis) has always been in association with the darkest times of the year – winter solstice. One of the reasons is that now there istn´t any other berries available and there is plenty of time to pick the tiny berries hidden inbetween spiky needles. The berries can be picked whole year round but in summertime there are so many others to pick anyway so it might be difficult to find time for juniper.  … More Juniper hummus

Perfect shampoo for travelling?

It can be annoying if oversized shampoo bottle is taken away or while hiking it decides to leak in the bag. I used to carry tiny 100 ml bottles with me but as it only lasts for a short time I switched to shampoo bars. That can be used for washing hair, body and clothes too if neccesary. It is not easy to find a suitable one though. All of them listed down here are vegan and cruelty free.  … More Perfect shampoo for travelling?