The End of Winter

Winter has been too long and cold this year but I think that most of outdoor & indoor plants survived it. I´m glad that the hellebores have been blossoming since december and don´t seem to want to stop. Now, the hortensia bush is slowly opening its leaves and some wild flower seedling I sew 2 weeks ago are emerging on the balcony. I also finished reorganizing and oiling vertical pallet flowerbed and repot some indoor plants.

In January when it was still very cloudy and cold I wanted to bring some more colour and light to the balcony and made some laterns out of old balloons. I´m not a big fan of those noisy, not-so-green plastic things but it would´ve been even worse to just throw them away. I used some food dye and just put them in the freezer for couple of hours.

Laterns out of left over balloons


I love drinking lemon juice and always prefer it fresh but especially in wintertime the fresh ones in the supermarket are so hard, bitter and unripe. Therefor I find it easier to buy the juice which usually comes in those oval shaped plastic bottles. With the help of waterproof acrylic markers I turned them into colourful garden decorations. There are about ten yellow and green(lime juice) faces on the balcony now.


The was not working during the cold winter but we had to break the ice almost every other day because othervice the plastic container woul´ve exploded. :)I think it would be wicer next winterseason to just empty it and take out the pump. Now the river is running again almost daily to oxygenate the water as the algae is growing fast and will start stinking really fast.

20 minutes per day is enough and it also depends how much energy the solar panels  have collected. During cloudy days 30 minutes is the maximum time.


Spring flowers like daffodills, crocuses and hyathints are also almost about to blossom if the weather is going to get a bit warmer. I planted some in a fairy garden too and I can´t wait to see how it looks when the hyathints flower.


I managed to repot some plants on the balcony so they would fit to grow in less amount of pots. There is more space to walk now and in addition they they hold more water when planted together.




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