DIY mini greenhouse

March is the month of spring and time for sowing seeds, at least indoors or in a greenhouse here in northern hemisphere. I don´t have one yet and therefore I decided to create a mini version out of old cd-cases. I saw several DIY-s on the web, where they had cut the CD cases but I do not think that cutting plastic is that easy. Last time when I tried to make a smart phone hologram I went to through about 10 cases before I managed to make the right cut.

You need: at least 4 CD cases, glue gun.

Remove the old cd if there was one and set the cases vertically, so the hinges stay upwards. Glue all sides but upper sides together because they have to be able to close and move freely when you want to aerate the greenhouse. Press the sides togeather while the glue hardens.

Put the plants inside and dont foget to use a tray underneath so the water does´t run away.


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