Spreading out the soil

During those last couple of weeks we´ve managed to enchance our raised bed, planted some berry bushes and mulched almost all the fruit trees with reed . The main task has been spreading the soil around which is piled up in our front yard. We´ve used that soil for couple of years now but it still blocks the other entrance so no maschines can get to our back yard as some work needs to be done there. The soil is mainly used for evening the landscape out as our previous dog loved digging for european water voles, whom we don´t seem to have living here anymore. Finally those hidden foot twisting holes will be gone. I also added some more soil to the Hugelbeet which seems to have more decent flatter angle now.

Before planting we had to saw some braches off of alder trees, which create way too much shade. We planted following berry shrubs: black aronia, gooseberry ´hinnonmäen keltainen´, black currants ´varmas´ and ´lentjai´. In addition 2 types of strawberries ´sonata´ and honeo´. While digging a hole to one of the shrubs we found a long piece of rusting metal, which was supposedly left there by the last owners who never bothered to get rid of their rubbish. They could´ve also sold the metal even back then I guess. Anyway, that piece was somehow partly also under another shrub, which was planted couple of years ago, so we had to dig that up a bit too.

I went for a walk to the seaside and as almost always I collected some bladderwrack as it is such a great fertilizer. Cold northern wind was blowing the whole time and seaweek collecting was the only thing which dragged me to the coast. I spent more time walking in the “labyrinth” of junipers as it´s nice to be surrounded by greenery as the leaves aren´t open here yet. I wanted to pick some juniper berries too but forgot to bring a bag for them. Warmth was the other reason and as the ground was relatively dry I managed to lay down for a while and do some meditation.


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