A green gift on the shore

Recently while I was on a forest walk I noticed something green from the distance laying on the ground. It is not that warm yet and the leaves aren´t open yet, neither it didn´t seem to be moss or plastic waste brought by last autumn´s storms. I walked towards the unknown green object and kneeled down to get a better look. It was a typical glass coffee jar, which I had found couple of time earlier too. Some Bolivian coffee jars with faded but firmly stuck lables, which don´t come off with any dishwashing liquid are still in use.


I didn´t hurry to pick up that jar because I saw a tuft of moss bulging out from inbetween the lid. I have found so many “sea treasures” around that forest beach as I call it because the landscape is very flat and storms tend to flood the forests. I take as much trash as I can carry with me but it is always a challenge to get through that brushwood where mainly bird cherry trees are growing(read:crawling), without splitting my bag.  Then all the plastic bottles, cleaning agents, broken nets, polyfoam, oil canisters etc. are all over the place.  


Maybe it is wishful thinking that the Baltic sea is a bit cleaner now as I haven´t seen any TV-s or fridges washed on the shore during the last couple of years. It is positive but there is still billion pieces of microplastic in the sea…but I like to think that maybe fewer sea creatures suffer now as there is hopefully less huge chunks of foreign objects in their habitats. Most of the junk gets into the sea via sewage as people throw plastic etc. in the toilet. I wish all the materials would be biodegradable and widely used everywhere asap. I try to buy less packaged food and avoid buying things in general as they are usually wrapped in plastic. 

After all I picked up the coffee jar, which didn´t have any lables on this time nd discovered that it has life inside it! Through foggy glass appeared a plant that resembeled a fern.  I thought it might be a crested wood fern(Dryopteris cristata) but I´m still not sure about it. One doesn´t see them growing everywhere around here. I didn´t want to open the jar and interupt that perfect ecosystem. The plant chose the place herself. The jar happened to be in a place where the sun shone just the right amount of time throw the branches of pine trees to warm it up and create a perfect microclimate. The lid was slightly open to let some air circulate and excess heat out.


It is interesting to observ how nature works on it´s own and those coffe beans from over 7 seas and lands ended up here in north on the shore of Hiiumaa, to support the life of a not-so-common plant.

What is the wierdest thing you´ve found on the beach?


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