Snow…oh NO

I woke up at 5 because of bright light shining in through the curtains. I looked out and everything was white. Not just frosty. It was goor almost 5 cm snow covering the garden and I couln´t sleep on any more and went for a walk to check if the berry shrubs are still alive.

All the plants seemed to be fine because I added a thick mulch layer around them. I had used garden fleece on other plants and hugel & raised beds so at least the plants there are fine.

Lesser celandine/pilewort(Ficaria verna)
Lesser celandine/pilewort(Ficaria verna)

In half an hour sun finally came rose and melted all the snow in an hour. It snowed during nighttime for couple of days which can happen sometimes in May but it´s still rare. According to statistics night frost can occur until 15. -20 may around here and on the mainland even sometimes at the beginning of June.

Viola in the snow



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