And the greenery comes

I feel lucky if I encounter a snake on my way in the forest and rarely in the garden. Last summer A. saw a grass snake( Natrix natrix) sliding into a small whole in the hugelbed. We have only one poisonous snake here, common adder(Vipera berus) and I usually meet one alive once a year as lot of them die on the roads unfortunately. When I´m cycling and I see any dead snakes or other animals, birds I place them to the forest on the side of the road. I just feel a bit better this way as the old body can become part of the nature quicker then.

Grasssnake(Natrix natrix) is harmlessMounds in the morning sun

It has been quite warm and everything grows so fast. I used some old colourful buckets and food storage containers as plant pots. Some of them already have someone growing in there but the others still miss the plants. Tulips are blossoming, so are the flowers of bird cherry tree(Prunus padus). 

Dryland gardenTulips & a solar light

The magic of  nordic spring is that it all happens in a such a short time. You can´t keep up and should try being in the moment of “now” as much as possible to make sense of it. 


During those couple of snowy days all the birds kept quiet to save the energy for keeping warm. Lot of the migratory birds feed and gather strenght around Hiiumaa in shallow-water bays before they fly even further north.

the birds are back

A. finished building an out-door bath. It is so nice to lay there in hot water when it´s 7 °C outside. An old metal kid bed and reused brick are holding the multi purposed soviet bath up.

I´m not sure who that it but perhaps some old soviet toy found during spring clean up in the corner of attic. The bear looks quite wasted but still cute in a way. It is similar style to Cheburashka and Gena the Crokodile.

mängukannkevad, sirel


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