Growing and using lemongrass

Lemongrass(Cymbopogon flexuosus) grows naturally in tropics and lemongrasssubtropics but it is possible to grow it in temperate climate too.  Long fiberous leaves have a fresh citrusy smell and taste. Aromatic leaves of the herb are widely used in asian dishes, aromatherapy and tea infusions. Also the essencial oil pressed from lemongrass is an effective natural insect repellent. Growing lemongrass from seed can be a tricky experiment because they need constant temperatures over 22 °C. It is much easier to buy the stems from the supermarket or asian store and grow them vegetatively. Sometimes they already have grown little roots in the package.


LemongrassPut the stems in a jar of warm water and place in a warm and light (not in the direct sun) place. You can even wrap a cloth around the jar to keep it warmer. Depending on the conditions you might neet to check and change the water every 2.-3. day. The first roots should appear in a week and it might vary from stem to stem. Not all of them have the same growing speed.



You should plant the stems into a pot when the roots are at least 1 cm long. Place the stems into a container or a pot and plant them about 3-5 cm depth 5 cm apart. Don´t place them in full sun for couple of days while they root. After that you might do that and grow them on a window sill, balcony or in a green house.


Lemongrass insect repellent 

You need:

100 ml spray bottle

6 drops of lemongrass essencial oil

1/2 TSP Vodka or plant based Glycerin, which helps the odour to last longer


Mix all the ingredients thoroughly by shaking the bottle and use the spray! 🙂



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