I´m Therese-Liise and I´ve always been curious about nature, who is still my primary source of inspiration. I grew up on an island, which is part of a biosphere reserve. Wildlife was always part of the gardening and growing our own food. I´ve been learning more intensively about permaculture, organic gardening, agroecology and cruelty free living for more 5 years now. This blog is about my learning journey.  Veganism came to my life about the same time after being vegetarian for 6 years. I have helped out some projects in Estonia and Germany related to similar sustainable subjects. I´m trying to find a ways to approach gardening less violently and work towards being in harmony with the planet.

I have lived in Germany(zone 8) and in Estonia(zone 6-7). I´m interested gardening in small spaces, using vertical and other possible ways to grow food in urban environment. In Estonia I´m helping my brother to create an off grid homested and veganic permaculture garden and food forest.

This blog is about sharing information but please refer to the original source.
If you want to use some photos contact me. I can provide you full size quality photos.

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Another things I do: Tekuliise Art & Photo

Wild Vegan Garden blog in Estonian. https://metsikaed.wordpress.com/